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WEBINAR: How to Create the Perfect Value Proposition for your Business


Click below for my on-demand webinar

A value proposition is the combination of factors that makes a company attractive to its audience. This webinar will take attendees through a proven process for creating a value proposition that is compelling, authentic and differentiated.

Attendees will learn:

  • The steps to create a value proposition that resonates and drives action

  • How to use consumer research, competitive analysis and company goals to differentiate your product

  • Examples of best-in-class value props and how they got there

  • How to create a positioning statement and tag line. When you know you’ve gotten it right

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WEBINAR: Why and How to be a Thought Leader


Click below for the on-demand webinar

A thought leader is a recognized expert in their field. Their expertise is sought after and rewarded. Thought leaders often find it easy to attract new customers and can charge more for their services. So how do you become a thought leader in your industry? Attend this webinar, as we go through the 5 steps to becoming a thought leader.

Attendees will learn:

  • The benefits of thought leadership for an individual and an organization

  • The 5 steps to becoming a thought leader in your field, and you don’t have to be a university professor!

  • Examples of individuals and companies who are thought leaders, how they got there and how they benefit from it

Keyboard and Mouse

"Attending Sue Yasav's Marketing Workshop Sessions was extremely beneficial to my company.  Each session was very well planned out and interactive. Sue encouraged us to assess our own businesses and then provided excellent information and tools to help us implement new strategies to make our marketing plan more impactful. Now, my company is transforming our website and developed new techniques to grow our business!"

Anne McGuire, President/Owner,
Healthcare Pathfinder

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