From positioning statements to content strategies, Marquette provides solutions to maximize the success of your business.

Marquette is focused on the profitable growth of financial services businesses through market research, value proposition and thought leadership. We ensure you maximize your marketing efforts through extensive knowledge and proven strategies. We have all the tools you need to make an impact immediately.


Ideation & Facilitation

Don't know where to start? A facilitated Ideation session is greatly helpful to align thoughts, strategies and to coalesce around one view. At Marquette, we are certified facilitators. At the end of the session, the goals and next steps become clear.

The Wall of Ideas

Market Research

Develop and execute market research to identify optimal positioning, advertising and pricing structures for the business. Create both quantitative and qualitative market research surveys targeting both potential and existing customers.

Legal Research and Writing

Content Strategy & Development

We produce content that is engaging and authentic to your brand. We have expertise in:

  • White papers

  • Infographics

  • Digital videos

  • Podcasts and more...

Writing Supplies

Identify the Target

Use external sources and industry data to identify the target market. Tap into local and public resources to identify methods to best reach the target.

How to find target market.jpg

Positioning & Value Proposition

Is your value proposition clear and enticing? Is your positioning statement impactful? We are experts at creating the perfect value prop for your business, through a combination of surveys, stakeholder analysis, competitive analysis and ideation. We've done this successfully at large companies. Let us use the framework for your business.

Business Team

Thought Leadership

Marquette has a process that goes beyond blog posts and social media likes. We work with your subject matter experts to develop thought leaders through a focused, proven approach, setting you up as an expert in your field.


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