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Strategies for an impactful website

One of the most important elements of a successful digital marketing strategy is a winning web site. You may not think about this on an everyday basis, but have you ever seen a web site that just clicks? Sorry for the awful pun!  Websites that pull you in and provide a great experience are often seamless and we don't even think about it. We just know that the web site seems to flow and is engaging.  The concepts for creating a great web site are not complicated, but the execution often seems elusive for many businesses. 

Here are some essential strategies for a great web site experience:

1 - Invest the time and effort in great content.  What are your customers most interested in? The answer to this question is different based on your type of business.  For instance, if you have a consulting business, the content may center around your expertise in the field. For a retail store, successful content focuses on the products being sold.  If you don't know the exact content that would be most compelling to your customer, it may be time for a survey.  There are survey tools that are easy to execute and generate important information about content that will engage and excite your particular customer.

2 - Create compelling headlines. Our eyes are naturally attracted to headlines and visuals on a web site.  Ensure your headlines are compelling, impactful and reflect your brand.  Also ensure that your headlines describe your business clearly. Website headlines are key elements of search engine results. The closer your headline matches the searched term, the more likely it is that the website will appear in search results (see below for more on this).

3 - Ensure prominent calls-to-action. Ensure your customer finds it easy to do what it is you want them to do.  For instance, if you want them to contact you for more information about your product or service, include "Contact Us" links in key positions.  If you want them to purchase online, include "Buy now" buttons.  Do not make it too hard for your customer to engage - they may get frustrated with the experience and move off your page.

4 - Use the website to maximize search engine results.  A key element of search engine optimization is the web site experience. There are several strategies to ensure your website is highly ranked in search results.Some include: 1) Have a descriptive headline. The concept is very simple -  a search engine wants to ensure the searcher finds what they are looking for, so the closer a headline comes to the searched term, the more likely it is to show your website in the results. 2) Ensure the website is mobile enabled. In some cases, 70% - 80% of websites viewed are over mobile devices. Nowadays, search engines will not prioritize web sites that are not mobile-enabled. 3) Ensure your website is secure. 4) Websites that load quickly are more likely to have top positions in search results.  So even though photos and videos are very engaging, if they take too long to load, your search results will suffer.

Many small businesses are overwhelmed when thinking about web site design.  Please reach out if you have any questions about the best web site design tools or need any help or advice.

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