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Podcasts - a great way to expand your reach!

I love podcasts. Not only do I love listening to them, I love them as a venue to promote your business or your thought leadership. We know that podcasts are often used by authors to promote their books, but how about small business owners? Can you use podcasts to expand your reach and get new customers? The short answer is - yes you can! A podcast allows you to reach an audience you may not ordinarily be exposed to, and some podcasts have thousands of listeners. I've created podcasts and have been a guest many times. Below are some tips to make you sound great, and expand your business.

When recording a podcast...

  • Invest in a good microphone. Sound quality is the first thing people notice when listening to a podcast. This is the link to the one I use. It's not too expensive and the sound quality is excellent.

  • Don't sound too scripted. While it's a good idea to have an outline of what you'll be talking about, it sounds boring if your podcast is following a script. Try to banter with the others on your podcast. If you've ever listened to the NPR podcast, "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me", you know what I'm talking about.

When you're a guest on a podcast...

  • Be relevant to the podcast topic. You may be asked to be a guest on a podcast that isn't a perfect fit. If this is the case, try to somehow tie your content to the topic of the podcast. This way, the audience gets value from the content.

  • Don't share too much data, or get too tech-heavy. Audio broadcasts are not the place to share reams of data. Believe me, your audience will not absorb it. If you need to share a lot of numbers or are eager to talk about detailed technology, provide a link in the show notes.

  • Don't forget to promote yourself and your business. Remember, one of the goals of being a guest on a podcast is to get exposure for your business, or to be known as a thought leader. While you shouldn't do too much of a sales pitch, don't miss the opportunity to promote yourself! Show your expertise in your topic area. Tell the audience how to reach out to you.

You may want to hire a service that places you on podcasts. These services get you on a podcast that is aligned to your topic and work to get you the maximum exposure. The one I'm affiliated is Oscar Hamilton and you can reach them with this link. They are super nice people and work with hundreds of podcasters.

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