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Identify and communicate your passion

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Almost all business owners or senior executives have a passion for their business. The passion is what makes people believe in their company and the driving force of working so hard to make it a success. In "marketing-speak", we rarely address this passion directly. It seems too emotional. We call it your purpose or mission.

Your purpose is what you want to be known for as a company. For instance, Nike is not only known for a sports company, it is also a company that stands for diversity. Patagonia doesn't just sell down jackets, it's a company that is known for sustainability. These are examples of companies that stand for something other than just the product or service they sell. In creating a value proposition for a company, I always delve into its mission and purpose. It is essential to be able to articulate your passion when marketing your company.

What does your company stand for and how do you communicate your passion? Here are some tips:

  • How do you help? Many companies got started because the founder saw a need or a way to help people. A financial advisor helps people with their financial security. A career coach helps people live their authentic lives and grow professionally. The ability to articulate how you help people is a powerful marketing tool. And, it's just not used for marketing, It helps you feel good about the contributions you're making to your community and that is energizing and rewarding!

  • How do you want to be viewed? This is related to the question: What do you want people to say about you when you're not in the room? How do you want to be described? Write this down somewhere. This will help with your positioning, tag line, elevator speech and much more. In my case, I want to be known as a marketing professional that helps businesses grow and become successful. How about you, what do you want your business to be known for?

  • What do you believe in? Many business owners weave their beliefs into their businesses. Some of these could be women's empowerment, racial justice or animal rights. There are hundreds of categories that may resonate with you. Think about what you are most passionate about. Then try to weave these into what you want to stand for as a company, or as a person. Remember, you are marketing to people, not machines. Even if you have a large company, there are real people you are speaking to in your marketing materials. The more you tap into passions and beliefs, the more your message will resonate with them.

If you need help weaving your passion into your brand, reach out! I would love to hear from you.

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