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How to create great content

Creating Content that Hits the Mark

Many small businesses focus on the "How" of marketing content, but not on the "What". What content should you produce that really resonates with your audience? How can you tap into the drivers that will incite your customer to hire you or buy from you? Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when creating content.

1. Address the pain point, but not too much. Many people will hesitate to spend money nowadays on things they consider a luxury. Times are tough. We need to hunker down. But, they will spend money on things that will solve a pain point or resolve a problem. Remember to remind people about how you will solve their issue, but don't dwell on it too much. Spend 20% on the pain and 80% on the solution. 2. Tell a story. There's a saying, ""You can't hate someone whose story you know." by Margaret Wheatley. Storytelling establishes a connection with your audience and let's them know you're human, not just a business owner. This gets your customer to be on your side and as a result, they're more apt to listen to what you have to say. See my blog post for more on effective storytelling. 3. Have some humor. All right, this one may not be easy for every kind of business. But even if you are solving a very serious problem, people get attracted by light-hearted copy. It's just more readable if we don't take ourselves too seriously. Think about Geico and State Farm commercials. OK, they're sometimes annoying, but we do pay attention! Happy holidays and see you in a brand new year!

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