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Sue Yasav is a guest on 
Hello Career Guru Salon and gives quick and clear steps on becoming a thought leader.

Sue talks with Hello Career Guru host, Suzanna Keith, about becoming a thought leader in your industry. She discusses the 5 steps to getting known as a thought leader, and delves into thought leadership in the finance industry.

Thought leadership is an essential part of building your brand and promoting yourself and your business. 

Join Sue, as she talks about
Thought Leadership Value on the Thought Leadership Leverage Podcast

Bill Sherman, host of "Leveraging Thought Leadership", interviews Sue Yasav about developing value propositions for emerging brands.

Three Key Takeaways:

  • Thought Leaders need to understand what a brand stands for in order to successfully build brand value.

  • The manner in which content is ingested has changed. Thought leaders need to do the proper research to connect with their audience where they are, not where they want them to be.

  • A successful thought leader gets many speaking engagements, panel opportunities and podcast guest requests. They have no problem generating customers because they have a wide audience.

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